Tattoo & Birthmark Removal At the Advanced Skin, Laser & Hair Clinic in India

Tattoos are trendy and represent many personal beliefs, feelings, ego, or one’s personality. Much as some cultures and religions are against tattoos, many youths are fond of designing their bodies using artificial ink.

A tattoo is a form of skin art embedded in the skin by using indelible ink. A tattoo takes any shape according to one’s sentimental or cosmetic desires

These are the opposite of tattoos. They appear by themselves on the skin at birth or after a period of time. Birthmarks have different forms, but usually grouped as;

Vascular Birthmarks- Abnormal blood vessels in or under the skin lead to Vascular birthmarks. They are usually pink, red or purple.

Pigmented birthmarks- These are caused when pigment cells cluster in one region of the skin.

Birthmarks are normally non-cancerous and painless, but they may require removal for cosmetic reasons

Tattoo & Birthmark Removal

40% of individuals or more in the world find themselves opting for tattoo removal services.
Apart from the tattoos made to cover white patches in the case of vitiligo, many men and women seek Tattoo and Birthmark removal in Sirhind for different reasons.
Tattoo and Birthmark Removal treatments include;

This is the latest and advanced treatment applicable in eliminating unwanted tattoos and birthmarks from the skin. The procedure breaks down the pigment color using a concentrated beam of light.

Unlike the surgical techniques (cryosurgery & surgical excision) and other painful procedures, lasers are both cost effective and ideal for permanently eliminating stubborn tattoos and birthmarks. The tattoo and Birthmark removal cost in Punjab usually depends on the type of technique used by the dermatologist.
The removal procedures performed at our clinic are safe and comfortable for all patients