What is the need of Revision Hair Transplant?

Revision hair transplant in India is not much common but handful people have to choose revised hair transplant due to various reasons.  Due to advancement in the technologies and methods of hair transplant, it is possible to get revised hair transplant surgery and even in the second time patients could have optimized results.

Usually, a hair transplant can give satisfactory results in first surgery still some people have to choose the revised hair transplantation procedure due to two main conditions as follows

  1. When the patient is satisfied with the first surgery but needs some more grafts
  2. When the patient is not satisfied with the results of the first hair transplant procedure

Let us discuss both the conditions in detail

Revised hair transplant when the patient is happy with the first surgery

Sometimes the patient is happy with the results of first transplantation surgery but he has the wish to have denser look so to transplant a number of grafts he chooses the surgery second time. On the second time usually, doctors use FUE surgery for transplanting more grafts as per realistic desires of the patient.

Revised hair transplant when the patient is unhappy with the first surgery

As the studies, clinics, and doctors’ claim for the 100% safe and satisfactory results of the surgery but it cannot be true always sometimes patients can also have bad hair transplants due to various reasons like

  • Wrong choice of hair transplant clinic
  • Wrong choice of doctor
  • Unhealthy living and eating habits of the patient
  • Lack of preventive care after the first surgery
  • Age and overall health of the patient
  • Progressive hair loss condition

In all above conditions patient may have the bad hair transplant as a result of which the patient can have transplantation of hair like frizz that looks like the wig or artificial hair attachment and sometimes patients have visible weird scarring from the first surgery. In both, the cases patients choose to have the revised hair transplantation surgery so that he can correct his earlier surgery results.

Revised Hair Transplant Procedure in Punjab

However in the second attempt also the basic principle and method of transplantation remain same means under the local anesthesia loss resistant hair follicles are extracted from the safer zone and then transplanted in the targeted area.

The main difference or challenge of revision surgery is the choice of donor area as after one transplantation surgery the donor area of the patient becomes too weak so it becomes difficult for the surgeon to choose the hair follicles. if the patient is having sufficient supply of donor hair follicles then regular transplantation surgery is performed otherwise doctors recommend for the body hair transplant method means the hair follicles are taken from the body parts like chest, arms, legs, thighs, armpits or abdomen and then transplanted on the scalp according to their exact match with the scalp hair.

Most of the FUE surgery of extracting individual follicles is preferred for revision hair transplantation so that patient could have more refined and optimized results after the second attempt.