Skin Moles Treatment in India

Moles are harmless and non-cancerous, but you must have a dermatologist examination to rule out the possibility of a cancerous mole. For aesthetic reasons, you may safely choose to remove the mole from your skin by a mere visit to the cosmetic expert

What is a Mole

Moles are growths (benign) that may grow on any part of the skin. It may appear only one, but there are also cases where moles appear in groups

They may appear darker or brown with hairs on top of them. They also differ in sizes.

They may change color

Can you Treat a Mole from Home?

There are different types of moles that include
1. Congenital Nevi– These are present at birth and may develop into cancer

2. Dysplastic Nevi-These are irregular in shape, larger and uneven in color

Therefore, one may not know the type of the mole on the skin, which may cause complications as one tries to eliminate it from home. The best solution is inquiring from the dermatologist for the possible treatment

Mole Treatments

In this procedure, the mole is cut from the skin together with the surrounding region to fully extract the cells on the moles. The Mole Removal Surgery in India is done under local anesthesia and it is painless

The moles can be frozen off the skin using liquid nitrogen. A blister may be formed but may fade with time

Laser Removal
Moles can also be removed from the skin through a Laser Mole Removal Surgery in Sirhind. This is usually done in the case of noncancerous moles that do not protrude above the skin surface

The shaving method
Moles can also be shaved off the skin with a scalpel. The skin will be numbed using local anesthesia and the mole will be removed. The type of mole removal procedure will always dictate the Mole Removal Surgery Cost in Punjab, but at our advanced clinic, we provide the best treatment procedures and post procedure instructions

What to do after the Mole Removal Procedure

  • Keep the area clean using clean water or diluted hydrogen peroxide
  • Smear vaseline on the wound and also apply a bandage