Hair Transplant & It’s Concerns

Hair Transplant is an advanced technique of hair restoration performed using aesthetic and artistic skills. The procedure is leading as the permanent hair restoration method in the case of alopecia, which is the sudden loss or thinning of hair on the scalp.

The technique of hair transplant is a revolutionary procedure developed in the 19th Century. Modern hair transplant techniques began in Japan during the 1930s and have been improved to tackle various forms of hair loss, such as male & female pattern baldness, telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, scarring alopecia, and anagen effluvium.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a process (minimally invasive) of extracting hair from one region (donor) and implanting it into another balding region (recipient). When performed by an expert after a good evaluation, a hair transplant delivers 100% natural results with no or fewer visible scars.

Techniques of Hair Transplant

There are various types of hair transplant in India available when making the best decision before a hair transplant. These include;

1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
It is a technique where individual follicular units containing 1 to 4 hairs are extracted from the donor region using micropunches of 0.6mm to 1.0mm and then implanted in the recipient region. This particular technique produces no major scars, it is painless, less bleeding, but may consume more time depending on the extent of hair loss.

2. Follicular Unit Transplantation
Also known as the strip method/ FUE, it is a technique in which hair follicles are extracted from the donor area in the form of a strip, dissected under a magnification and the attained individual hair follicles are implanted in the recipient or balding region. The donor region is sutured and bandages are applied to it.
This technique produces a linear scar, but the surgeon’s skills may help you reduce its size.

3. Bio-FUE
Fully known as Bio-Follicular Unit Extraction, it is an advanced hair technique in which hair follicles are extracted and implanted in the recipient region after which a growth factor from the patient’s blood (Bio) is injected into the recipient region to boost hair growth.

4. Giga Session Hair Transplants
It is a procedure where various hair transplant techniques are utilized and these include FUE, FUT, and body hair transplant. More than 4200 hair follicles can be achieved with this procedure and it is ideal in the case of extreme baldness.

Advantages of Hair Transplant in India

  • It is a topmost solution (permanent) for obvious baldness
  • It’s idea for both men and women
  • Cost Effective
  • 100% Natural results
  • It is a medically approved procedure, safe, and minimally invasive
  • It completely transforms one’s appearance

Possible Side effects of Hair Transplantation

  • Bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Infections
  • Reactions to anesthesia
  • Itching
  • Numbness
  • Swelling

These fade away with time, but it is advisable to follow the surgeon’s instructions to avoid possible complications.

The Cost of Hair Transplant

Considering a hair transplant for alopecia patients is seen as a cost effective decision with the fact that other hair loss solutions like wigs, minoxidil, finasteride, and therapies are costly in the long run with less impact on extreme baldness. For those whose only hope is a hair transplant, Rs.1,00,000 to RS.1,25,000 is a range of Hair Transplant Cost in Sirhind, Punjab that you can consider. The cost depends on the amount of loss and the technique used.

Whichever medical procedure you use, you should be sure that you are investing your hard earned money for the best possible options. Most of the people rue the high cost of transplant but they must know that the expertise, experience and excellent infrastructure come at a cost. At our clinic, the final cost depends on the surgeon and the procedure you are opting for.

A non-surgical process will be less expensive than a surgical one. Non-surgical processes come at a relatively less expensive than the surgical ones as the surgical processes need a lot of expertise and need to be handled by experienced people. For instance, Hair Weaving will cost less but a hair transplant will cost more. Hair transplant cost in India depends on your location. If you are looking for a hair transplant solution in Punjab, we will be at your service. Cost of hair transplant in Punjab will vary according to the city where you are located.

Number of Follicles Cost of FUE/FUT Surgery

(Lower limit)

Cost of FUE/FUT Surgery

( Higher Limit)

Below 1500 25,000/- 60,000/-
1500 – 3000 55,000/- 144,500/-
3000 – 5000 115,000/- 220,500/-
5000 – 8000 195,000/- 325,000/-
8000 – 10000 According to the surgery plan According to the surgery plan
10000 – 14000 According to the surgery plan According to the surgery plan


There are various over the shelf products which you would like to use for hair loss. You may opt for medicines, creams or gels. Some may opt for wigs and other therapies. But in the long run, they prove to be costlier and have less impact. For extreme hair loss cases, hair transplant is the only ray of hope.