Effective Hair Transplant Techniques

Since the establishment of modern methods of the hair transplantation, many changes have occurred till now in the techniques of surgical hair restoration. However the basic principle of this surgical hair restorations is same that the follicles can retain their properties even after their shifting from one area of the scalp to the other but many advancements have been done in the extraction and transplantation process of the door follicles so that optimized results can be given to the patients with faster recovery.

Following are some common hair transplant techniques in India which are usually practiced by the different surgeons

Techniques of Hair Transplantation in India

FUT surgery

It is the surgery in which strip of scalp containing the loss resistant follicles, has been removed from the back area in the linear form. In this follicular unit transplant method, patients may have the scar of linear cut and this cut is closed during the surgery with sutures or staples.

This method is generally preferred for the patient who requires the large recipient area to be covered. Generally, the doctors transplant the hair in such a way that they look natural and can hide the linear scar of the donor area. Visibility of the scar can be higher of this procedure is performed by the inexperienced doctor.

FUE surgery

It is the advanced version of the hair transplantation method. By keeping the basic procedure and principle of the hair transplantation preserved in this method individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area of the scalp instead of the linear strip. Rather than giving the linear cut to the patient in the back area of the scalp, the surgeon selects the loss resistant follicles and made many tiny incisions to pluck the donor follicles then these follicles are transplanted in the recipient area in their natural direction, depth and distance so that they can grow with a natural appearance.

This method is more complex and magnificent so must be performed by the skilled and efficient surgeon as the best knowledge and artistic skills of the surgeon can give you scar free, painless, natural and permanent results.

BIO-FUE surgery

We also provide the surgical hair restoration b performing the BIO-FUE in which after performing the normal FUE process some enriched cells taken from the patient’s own blood after centrifugation, are injected in the scalp to boost the growth of hair and healing process of the scalp. Thus this technique is the minimally invasive technique of hair restoration that can give faster and better results with faster recovery.


This latest technique of direct hair transplantation ensures the minimal time for follicles to be spent outside the body means after extracting the follicles from the scalp areas are immediately transplanted in the recipient areas so that there could be no loss of properties of follicles during the time outside the body. After the transplantation process enriched platelets are also injected to stimulate the hair growth same as the BIO-FUE technique.

Body Hair Transplant Surgery

It is also an effective technique for the patients who do not have the sufficient donor hair on the scalp then the hair taken from their body parts like chest, arm, legs, back, and abdomen are taken for transplantation of them on the bald areas of the scalp as per their exact match with the scalp hair.

Giga Sessions

We also offer the Giga sessions for the patients who require more than 5,000-6,000 grafts in one session. In this session, various techniques are combined to give optimized results.