Why is FUT the first choice amongst patients?

FUT is the much talked about method of hair transplant. It basically concerns the plucking of follicular units that are naturally occurring groups of 1 – 4 hairs. These are cut from a strip of the donor scalp, mostly based at the back of the head. FUT hair transplant clinic in Sirhind is so far the best one, found anywhere.

It is also commonly known as strip excision process, FUT has no doubt become the ruling therapy in hair transplant, for some years. Patients are able to enjoy a process which fills the thinning areas of the scalp with transplanted hair along with cuts that are not visible. The doctors make sure that the scars are not visible so that patients don’t have to worry about people noticing their scars or thick hair, or anything of that kind. The hair mostly grows indirectly in between the scars, which make sit invisibly. The donor strip section is also small, which is covered by the hair which is present. Hence patients do not have to worry about the clear signs of procedure, all their lives. FUT hair transplant cost in Punjab is quite cheap.

How is it Beneficial?

FUT demands just one sitting. It is also a very pocket-friendly option; it is also good for those who cannot turn up again and again for the procedure. People are inclined towards FUE hair transplant in India.

The surgeons nowadays have advanced methods that greatly improve the follicle rate during FUE, but still, FUT has the high rate of follicle survival.

How to tolerate Ooh aah ouch!

Different people have different levels of bearing pain; some don’t feel any pain, at all while others, can’t stand it, at all. Many patients feel much discomfort during FUT process, due to the little bit swelling that takes place, but with the consumption of pain relievers and other medications, the pain subsides after some days. The treatment can be done as outpatient surgeries.


The FUT strip extraction method results in a very small inline scar, at the back of the head, because the scar is very thin, it can be easily hidden by the shortest of hairstyles.

How much is the money involved?

The price factor varies on the grafts. So, every person pays only for their requirement and what they get in the end. Otherwise, the cost is not as high as many people think it to be. Even otherwise, the costs of medical techniques vary, according to patient’s situations, needs, aims. Hence it is always best to speak to the doctor, before proceeding any further.