All the Information about FUE Hair Transplant, At One Place

There are plenty of options for hair restoration, that works best for everyone (I mean different options for different people since not all people and either their hair are alike). Different problems can be tackled by different procedures. Hence, it goes without saying to visit a doctor, who is the only person to let you know of your issues.

If you wish to get an FUE hair transplant in India then do go through these pointers.

  • Minimal scars

The FUE hair transplant clinic in Punjab has the best of doctors; they first speak with the patient, ask about their problem areas, do an assessment of hair and later on proceed towards the surgery.

This does not leave a scar on the head. Each punch has hair in a group of one to four hairs. They leave small dot-like scars on head, unlike other scars which are difficult to hide. A word of caution, though- scars can be visible in case of the shaven head.

  • Less time on one’s hands

The punches made in the head also require lesser time to heal; the process doesn’t allow stitches of any kind.

  • A natural hairline

Talking of more hairlines, after FUE, the hairline is much thicker.

  • Doesn’t cause any pain

No fear of complications, scarring is also to the minimum, healing also doesn’t take long. Nowadays, most of the manual work is replaced by machines and other things. Which also means fewer complications, less scarring and less time?

The Fue hair transplant cost in Sirhind is very less; hence patients from nearby areas also go there to get it done.

Healing Period

It doesn’t take a long while to heal from this process, as stated earlier since there are lesser scars, no cuts, less pain, so obviously, the recovery will also take less of time. Just about 5 – 10 days. The patient is advised to take some time off from work, so that they do not affect the grafts, during the recovery phase. Since, post-surgery, the patient has to focus on grafts and also prevent them into getting into any more damage, also do not keep yourself lying on the bed, for no reason.

Are all patients the right contenders for the surgery?

It is quite a myth that everyone has, about being the right candidate for FUE transplant, not everyone qualifies for the surgery. Some points are to be taken into account for the surgery, wish to know more, have a look below:

  • It depends upon the level of hair loss along with the amount of restoration that patients prefer.
  • The type of hair, the patient adores, is yet another factor whether straight, curly, wavy or any other).

So to answer all your queries, it is best to first go and speak with your doctor, because no one other than him can help you in solving your queries.