What Constitutes a Body Hair Transplant in India?

We already know that in hair transplant, hair from the donor area is extracted and grafted on to the recipient area. Ideally, both the sites are on the head only. But in some special cases, other organs might be considered for hair transplant. The situation arises when the growth of the donor area is very sparse and unable to satisfy the prerequisites of the process. In such cases, hair is extracted from other body parts. If you desire to take such a treatment for your hair, consider, body hair transplant clinic in Punjab.

The savior hair from other body parts

Many body parts can be considered for the same. Hair can be transplanted from anywhere including the beard, chest, shoulders, underarms or even pubic hair. But the surgery calls for expertise as there is usually a difference in the consistency, thickness, and texture of hair at both the sites. It spells a sense of relief for the patients who have less hair at the donor area and are desirous of undergoing a hair transplant. It also brings hope to cases where attaining higher density is a tedious task due to the limited number of grafts that can be extracted in a single session. Severe cases of burning also benefit from this technique. Body hair transplant in India is available in various cities.

The Innovative Technique

FUE technique is employed to carry out the process. This technique is favored as it scores above other techniques in many aspects. It does not leave a linear scar post surgery which is a cause for concern for the looks conscious patients. Of all the sites on the body, the beard is the most favored choice as it is nearest in consistency and texture to the hair on the head. It is also considered permanent. There are various body hair transplant clinic in Punjab.

Who Can Avail of This Facility?

As discussed earlier, patients with low hair density in donor areas can benefit from this medical innovation.

Is BHT FUE Distinct from Conventional FUE

Scientists have various theories about BHT FUE. One of them is that the grafts so taken have a growth cycle which is altogether different, but the theory is yet to be backed by enough practical proof. Grafts from the scalp contain about 1 to 4 hair while grafts from the body contain only 1 hair.

The Fiscal factors

Hair transplant cost varies throughout India. It depends on your location and the experience of the medical team. Body hair transplant cost in Sirhind will also depend on local factors and the expertise of the medical team. We suggest you carry out a thorough research before deciding on your final choice.