How To Take Care of Burn Scars Properly?

Burns can happen at any given time if you touch something hot, or accidentally if hot water drops on you, even very severe chemicals, scoring heat, harmful rays, all can lead to burning of the skin.

Burns kill the cells present in the skin to die. The injured skin constructs a protein called collagen for repairing. As soon as the skin heals, the stiffened, stained areas known as scars are formed. Some scars are for a short while only, while others last for a long time.

Scars can sometimes be very small, and at other times large. Burn scars covering a vast space of face or of the body can have a huge impact on the way you look.

Burn Scar Treatment in acute burn or first-degree burn, is not required much, as it heals on their own.

Second and third-degree burns do require some or the other treatment, as both of them leave scars left.

Burns can cause these types of scars:

  • Hypertrophic scars – are mostly red or purple in color. They have a warm feeling when touched.
  • Contractual scars – stiffen the skin, muscles along with tissues, making it hard for a person to move.
  • Keloid scars – form hairless, shiny cracks.

When Should I Visit A Doctor?

You can ask your doctor for the burn scar treatment, if the burn is not major, as in a first degree one, then the burn can be healed on its own, otherwise for major cases of burn, second and third, you can rush to your doctor. Your doctor will then check in case of any infection, like, inflammation, redness in the skin, pus coming out or any other thing.

If your first-degree burn also takes a long time to heal, then consult with your doctor, immediately. Your doctor may also suggest massage therapy, read along to know more:

  • Treating Burns

Treatment depends upon the level of burns that you have suffered. Any kind of home remedy with doctors consultation is prohibited.

  • For Second-Degree Burns

First of all thin layer of antibiotic cream to the area burned. Then, wrap it with a germ-free, non-sticking bandage or gauze to safeguard it from getting infected from anything, and also helping in the skin to recover quickly.

  • For Third-Degree burns

The doctor might advise in wearing tight, supporting clothes also called squeezing garments or compression garments all over burn to aid the skin in curing. You may be asked to wear the garments all day long, for many months to come.

You may also be advised for getting your skin grafted. The surgery demands removing healthy skin from other areas of the body or even from donor to cover the damaged skin.

Massage Therapy

Many times, doctors also prescribe massage to be done on the area. Massage is helpful in treating the pain, managing the itching, many times it even helps with sensitive skin. It also helps in minimizing the look of burn scars. It also involves using the scar tissue, beneath the skin, massage helps in reducing the tight feel and also restricts the movement yo experience if burn injury was massive.
A physiotherapist will be teaching you some exercises to assist you in gaining back movement in areas which have been tightened.

Recovering From Burn

  • The healing of burns is mostly connected with the severity of the same.
  • They take a week to heal and do not cause scars.
  • The second degree takes about two weeks time to cure.
  • The third degree is the most difficult to heal. They heal after a long period of time.


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