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Mole Removal: The Pros and Cons

They are usually seen on the top layer of the skin. They may be bluish, brown or black in color. Some of them are flat but some are raised too. They are nothing to worry about; they are a part of natural changes in the skin. While some of the moles may be present at birth, some moles may appear when we are adults. They are made up of melanocytes which respond to UV exposure. They start producing melanin when they are exposed to the sun. They might also be triggered by puberty, hormone therapy or pregnancy. Some normal moles can give rise to cancerous moles. Thus it is important to distinguish between normal moles and cancerous moles. It is important to remove some of the moles, whether from the medical or the cosmetic angle. Some of the moles need no handling and it is best to leave them alone. There are many methods available for mole removal. Mole removal treatment in Patiala is easy to undergo as Dr. Sandhu’s clinic offers this facility. They can be removed either through laser or by shaving it. The best option can be decided after discussing with the dermatologist.

Medical removal of the mole

While some of them are harmless, some may turn into cancer. This is where you should seek the opinion of an experienced dermatologist. Many moles may not be cancerous but need treatment all the same as they are a source of great discomfort. They sometimes have the tendency to bleed, cause inflammation, or become inconvenient as they run against clothing. The way of treatment depends on the location of the mole. If it is on the body, the doctor can remove it and sew the skin together. But if its ion your face it calls for a less invasive procedure.

Cosmetic removal of the mole

Cosmetic removal of the mole

Although the mole might not be causing you discomfort, it might be hampering the way you look or feel. If that is the case, you can opt for its removal, which will be purely for cosmetic reasons. The dermatologist will remove the mole by shaving it. Usually, the moles become completely clean after shaving. Deeper moles might call for a different procedure. The dermatologist will be the best person to answer your queries about mole removal.

Moles on the face

If it is your face where the mole is and you are considering its removal, opt for a dermatologist with a proven track record. One small mistake can botch up the results and spoil the look of your face. A folly once committed will be irreversible and you will have to live with the mistake all your life. An inexperienced doctor can leave an ugly scar or an indentation on the face which will remain there forever. An experienced doctor, on the other hand, will perform the act with utmost finesse and leave your face with as natural-looking results as possible. It is highly recommended that you spend your hard earned money and time on a surgeon worth all the pain. An experienced surgeon and a correct choice of procedure will lend you a look which will make it impossible to judge whether a mole ever existed on your face.

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