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Three biggest misconceptions About Hair transplantation

Most of the people prefer hair transplant to restore their shiny locks as it is the result oriented procedure used for the hair restoration. Hair transplant in Patiala is done with the cutting edge technology and the advanced procedures so that patient could have satisfactory results of the surgery.

It is scientifically proven method for restoring the scalp and even facial hair with the natural appearance and long-lasting results still there are various misconceptions among the people about this procedure which afraid them while choosing this procedure. Before understanding the actual facts behind the misconceptions let us understand the procedure precisely.

 Hair transplant surgery

For this procedure basically, two methods are used FUE and FUT but the basic process of the surgery for both the procedures remain the same the only difference lies in the extraction process of donor follicles during the surgery. In the hair transplant surgery loss, resistant hair follicles are selected and extracted according to the chosen method of hair transplantation and then are transplanted in the bald or thinning areas of the scalp.

Now let us discuss the three biggest misconceptions about this surgical restoration method

3 misconceptions about hair transplant surgery

It is painful and hurting procedure

Some people feel afraid while choosing this surgical restoration method as they believe that hair transplantation is the painful procedure but the actual fact is that it is painless surgery which is performed under the local anesthesia due to which the scalp area of the patient get numbed so patient do not feel any sensation or pain during extraction and transplantation of the surgery.

It cannot lead to the natural growth of hair

The second big misconception about hair transplantation is that it cannot restore the hair with a natural appearance as the people think that the hair they will get after the surgery will be easily detectable and noticeable but the actual fact is that this procedure can restore the natural looking and growing hair of the patient. During the transplantation surgery, patient’s own hair follicles are extracted and transplanted that retains their growth cycle and properties so grow naturally similar to the original hair. Even during the surgery doctors transplant the hair roots in the similar direction, angle and at an equal distance similar to existing hair so the patient can have undetectable results after the surgery.

New hair cannot grow for a lifetime

Even some patients believe that transplanted hair cannot grow for the lifetime and get shed soon after the surgery but it is the fact as during the surgery loss resistant and high-quality follicles are selected and extracted so that they can grow for a lifetime after the treatment. The transplanted hair follicles retain their properties and grow like the other follicles and stay for rest of life.

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