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Understanding the Vitiligo, Its Symptoms, Causes, and Types

Vitiligo is the skin condition in which patient could have growing patches of skin that lose its color. It is the condition that can catch the person of any age and gender. However, this condition of the skin is not much common as if talks about globally then .5 to 2 percent of people are affected from this condition still it is important to remain aware about the symptoms and causes of this condition to prevent it

What is vitiligo condition?

It is the condition that can affect the eyes, mouth and even the hair of patient and even the affected areas due to this condition of discoloring become the photosensitive means more sensitive for the sunlight as compared to other skin areas.

This condition can even spread with the passage of time and even sometimes spread in more areas of the body in a few weeks. But it is not a contagious condition as it can get spread in the body parts of the patient but cannot spread from one patient to other.


However, as such, there is not any one reason for the occurrence of this condition but there are some factors that can contribute to this condition as follows

  • This condition may also happen due to the immune system of the body as in some patients immune system becomes overactive and destroy the melanocytes that are responsible for the coloring of skin as a result of which patient could have patches of skin that loses their color
  • It may also happen due to an imbalance of genetic oxidative stress
  • Due to critical sunburn or harmful cut on the skin
  • Excessive and prolonged exposure to some harmful chemicals
  • It can be the result of some neural disorder
  • It can also happen due to heredity as it may come in genes
  • It can happen due to some virus


There is no clear sign for the happening of this condition as the only symptom of this condition is the visibility of white spots or patches on the skin and when these patches become noticeable then even others may know about the occurrence of this condition.

Overall there is not any clear symptom of this skin condition as it does not lead to symptoms like irritation, dryness, soreness or some discomfort other than the faded color of the skin.  This condition does not spread evenly on the all skin as the patches of discoloring skin can be irregular in shape means can be of any shape or size on the different parts of the body. Even the extent of the affected area of this condition may vary in two patients.

Types of vitiligo

There are mainly two types of vitiligo non-segmental and segmental vitiligo as both the types are different in appearance and occurrence that could be explained as follows

Non-segmental vitiligo

In the non-segmental vitiligo condition patient may have the occurrence of symmetrical white patches on the skin in the initial stage and then can gradually develop in one area of the body.

Most of the people are suffering due to this condition as it is the most common type. In this condition, any part of the body like arm, foot, neck, eyes, knees, thighs and even the genital and rectal areas can get affected with the symmetry of white patches. These patches get to appear with much exposure to the sun.  In this condition, the patient may have symmetry of occurrence of white patches but there is not any fixed shape or size for the appearance of these symmetrical patches as it can be different in different patients.

Segmental vitiligo

This condition of vitiligo is more constant, stable and less erratic than the other type of vitiligo but it gets spread more rapidly. It is a very rare condition and overall only 10% of people are affected by the condition. In this type of vitiligo patient have non-symmetrical patches of discoloring skin. This type of condition mainly affects the areas of skin that are attached to the nerves arising in the dorsal roots of the spine of the patients. It is the type of vitiligo that responds well to the topical Vitiligo treatment in Patiala and can be rectified.

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