A Few Know-How’s Of Hair Removal Technique

How often do you have to visit the beauty salon to get waxing, threading and similar stuff done? It varies from person to person, but on an average, after around 15 days or a month. But doesn’t it consume much of your time, but people preferring smooth, hairless skin, that is the only option available, no, not anymore. In case you are willing to pay a little bit more, you could also think of getting a permanent solution to the problem, yes, you guessed it quite right. I am talking about none other than laser hair removal. It mainly uses light to destroy the follicles, leaving you with skin as smooth as silk. Laser hair removal in Patiala is done under the best team of doctors.

Listed below are some quick things about the therapy, do read it before deciding to get it done.

Use of some medications is a big no-no.

Much like waxing, even this treatment is not suites with other medicines. It has been said that any medicine having photosensitive effects are to be stopped, at least a week before the treatment. Most of the antibiotics are said to be photosensitive, so in case of any it, it will be a good idea to postpone your treatment date.

Every session is very important

The biggest mistake people make is that they leave their treatment sessions halfway, which is obviously not a good idea, once the growth rate of hair slows down, patients don’t seem to follow. If you want good results you are supposed to speak to your doctor.

What is the average cost of laser treatments?

This differs from clinic to clinic and also from place to place.

Most of the treatments are based on packages, cost depends upon:

  • Large treatment areas: Arms, lower back, shoulders, lower legs.

  • Medium treatment areas: Buttocks area, Inner thighs, Underarms, bikini line.

  • Small treatment areas: Chin, nipples, eyebrows, upper lips, sideburns, abdominal line.

Read testimonials of patients, and also read reviews before deciding which one to choose. Laser hair removal cost in Patiala is much cheaper than other places.

People with dark, thick and coarse hair are the best candidates for laser hair removal.

In case you have dark hair, then it must be very annoying because when hair regrows, it is quite thick. The laser is drawn to pigment, or color, present in hair follicles.

It can take a while to work on thicker hair, some hair is very challenging, and many times come out because of internal body changes, like hormonal changes or other hair bulbs becoming active during the treatment process.

Patients are denied using skin care products with strong actives like retinoids and Alfa hydroxyl acids. These add-ons to skin cell turnover, which makes the skin more exposed to skin and also irritation during the treatment process. In case you have doubts regarding the same, it will be better to speak with your doctor.

It works best in four areas. While it is said that the laser hair removal can work on any part of the body, it is most effective on bikini, chin, underarm, lip areas.

There are said to be the three most popular laser types.There are said to be the three most popular laser types.

  • Nd:YAG:

This long pulse laser is safely used on all skin types, including tanned skin. It is, however, less effective for light or fine hair.

  • Alexandrite:

This is the fastest among all laser type treatments; the whole body is covered under this.

  • Diode:

This is the best for light and dark skin.

It is not very complicated

Just because it says laser, doesn’t mean it is scary, the process is quite simple, energy from lasers is taken by the pigment in the hair follicle, which causes it to get destroyed in the root, once root gets destroyed, it cannot produce more hair.

It is not supposed to be painful

It gets comfortable with numbness. The feeling is very similar to a rubber band snapping the skin. Many people also feel like something pinching.

Please do shave and then get it done

Shaving is recommended because then the laser rays can very well get through the root of the hair. No waxing has to be done, it is basically not allowed, nor is tweezing or bleaching recommended, one month prior to the treatment, the reason being that the roots have to remain intact for the laser to destroy hair.

Apply good sunscreen lotion.

You are advised against going to the sun, post-treatment, along with usage of sunscreen is recommended, any hair growth between the sessions need to be shaved off.

Your menstrual cycle should not come in the way.

This is not a bikini wax that you will need to cancel your appointment, due to menses. You have to be very particular about treatments. Even if you are menstruating, you have to come for the session.

Involves some risks

It is no doubt that it is considered a safe treatment, but, there can be a risk of burning, along with discoloration, redness, scarring, and blistering. Your hair also might grow back.

Results are visible post 8 months or so.

The amount of sessions varies with each individual, laser hair removal works best when hair is in active growth rate. Different body parts have different growth rates.

Laser hair removal in India is the best that can be done anywhere.

And lastly how often should it be done?

On an average, treatments can be done after an interval of one month. If your hair grows very quickly, then the treatments can be done more often, initially after 2- 3 weeks and gradually decrease to 4- 6-week interval. Shaving can be done in between, as and when required.

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