5 Things To Avoid After Hair Champi

Oil massage is considered as the best remedy if you have a headache but it is essential for the nourishment of our hair and scalp. Hair oiling even prevents the scalp from infection and prevent hair damage.  Most of us are aware of the benefits of oil massage of hair and scalp but are oblivion about some common mistakes that we generally do after champi as follows:

  1. Avoid combing your hair immediate after oiling as it can lead to hair breakage and loss. If you want to comb your hair after oiling then be gentle and start from the strands and move towards the roots.
  2. After oiling, avoid immediate washing your hair as it could wash away all the oil as a result of which your hair and scalp could not get nourishment which they were supposed to have due to oiling. So leave your hair after oiling till the oil get penetrates into your scalp and then take a gentle wash.
  3. Avoid leaving the oil to soak overnight into your hair as it could make your hair greasy and sticky so keep the oil for while not for so long time.
  4. Avoid too much oiling into your hair as the excess of everything is bad similarly if you will apply more and more shampoo then to remove it you need to apply more shampoo and it could wash out the natural oil and moisture of your hair. Even you must avoid the too much massage of your head as it could break them and even you should do oiling with gentle hands.
  5. Immediate tying up the hair after oiling can add pressure and can break your hair strands so you must be very careful about handling your hair after oiling as they become more vulnerable after oiling.

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