A New Type of Technique- Bio FUE

Let’s know Bio – FUE in a little better way

Bio FUE hair transplant in India is done in combination with Neo Graft technology, which helps in speedy recovery by curing and also advancing the harvest of transplanted hair. Read along to know about the method.

Bio- FUE, makes use of proteins made up body cells for curing the donor site, as early as possible. It also helps in increasing the density of hair which cannot be transplanted

So basically, if the wound will heal at a fast rate, then there would be less of damage. The use of treatments and pills has been in use for quite some time. A conservative study of literature proved that wounds heal faster with PRP, and the pain experienced is also much lesser, as compared to acute wounds. It has also been heard that Bio FUE has many advantages in donor site along with FUE to prevent marks and scars.

Many people are not aware of grafts; they do not have much knowledge about the same. They just focus on the graft, like how is it taken out and other stuff, besides paying attention to the hairline design. New surgeons are likely to make mistakes in hairline design, in their angles, and also in their position of grafts. So, patients should do a lit bit of investigation, before selecting their doctors, they should know about the doctor’s past case history, nowadays, everything is found in net, so read whatever you can, get to know a little better, either from your friends or whatever source suits you to the best.

How is the procedure done?

Bio – part of the process is built on the fundamentals of cells. We know that cells are capable of regenerating special body structures. These are used for the treatment of diseases like Spinal Code diseases, Cancer, etc.

After performing normal FUE surgery theses separated reach platelets are injected into the scalp at adequate depth with the specially designed tools. The treatment process demands taking outpatients to own blood, which is then kept to spin in a temperature suiting them, post spinning, thick platelets having up to 5 times more concentrated than normal blood are taken out.

How is more beneficial than others?

  • Helps in encouraging better hair growth.
  • Along with strengthening hair, the texture of hair is also improved to a large extent.

Process is very beneficial for the faster and quicker healing process, be it in the donor parts or receipt parts.

Estimated Cost of Bio FUE Hair Transplant Surgery in Punjab

Bio FUE hair transplant cost in Sirhind largely depends upon the level at which you are bald, along with the number of donors, the sessions that doctors have asked you to do, also not to forget, the number of grafts which are to be transplanted also makes up for the whole cost.

Bio FUE hair transplant clinic in Punjab is one of the best, with the best team of doctors.