Beard: Masculine Pride

A beard is a man’s pride. Men want nice hair growth in their facial area as it is identified with their masculinity and good looks. But some unlucky few might have thin growth due to a variety of reasons:-

  1. scars or trauma
  2. Certain medical conditions like cancer or traction alopecia
  3. Side effect of previous surgeries
  4. Low hormonal activity

Such men could greatly benefit from the beard transplant technique. The procedure is quite simple and readily available in select cities. If you are considering facial hair transplant in Punjab, we are the best choice.

What does the beard transplant entail?

In scientific terms, it is termed as the technique in which hair is restored on the chin and cheek areas which may be having sparse hair growth. An existing beard can also be made to look thicker and fuller through this procedure.

Criteria for suitability

Physical and mental well being of the patient is required. The second factor that counts is an above average growth of hair on the donor area, which is most likely to be the back and the sides of the head. A physical exam will determine whether the concerned person is a potential candidate or not. Also, the beard area needs to be checked for the presence of spots and patches. It is possible to get a beard transplant in Sirhind. Get in touch with the concerned authorities if you so desire.

The Beard Transplant Procedure- How Do the Doctors Do it?

The procedure consists of primarily marking the area where the beard needs to be covered. Subsequently, the doctor extracts hair from the donor area and transplants them to the recipient area. Usually, FUE technique is used so as to ensure that there is no scarring or bleeding.

Shedding some light on the side effects

Post-transplant, some patients might not get the desirable growth in their beards. In rare cases, the growth might just not happen. There is also a possibility of infection if proper care is not taken.

Post-surgical care after a beard transplant

The area should be treated gently and shaving is a big no-no till 15 days. One should wash the face also with great care. The implanted hair is bound to fall off but new hair will grow back in the coming days.

Points to be Considered Before a Beard Transplant in India

It is cosmetic surgery and will definitely cost a fortune. Beard hair transplant cost in India is different in different cities. The cost will also vary according to the clinic chosen, the expertise of the doctor and his team. An experienced doctor and a well-equipped clinic are a must for any surgery and one must do the related research quite thoroughly.