Dr. Sandhu - Best Dermatologist in India

Beauty is a source of pride for ladies and only an expert can uphold your beauty throughout your entire life. Dr. Sandhu is an extremely trained, and experienced cosmetic surgeon in Sirhind, Punjab performing all sorts of complicated skin procedures.

Beginning from cosmetic procedures to natural hair transplants, Dr. Sandhu depicts his extraordinary skills in all patients with complex skin and hair problems.

Together with an experienced team, we conduct transforming beauty procedures to leave your skin and hair flourishing with an immeasurable quality.
Meet the skin and hair expert for all your hair and skin worries.

Hair Transplant

Is your hair loss uncontrollable or troubled with intensifying Alopecia? We conduct the best quality hair transplant procedures to recover your natural hair and leave you contented.

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Chemical Peel Treatment

The work of a chemical peel is to exfoliate and eliminate that damaged superficial skin. Our standard chemical peel treatments are just perfect for any skin transformation you dream of.

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Vitiligo Treatment

White Skin Patches are bothersome in many ways. Poor treatment approaches may worsen Vitiligo, waste your time and money. Let’s help you eliminate those white patches with advanced treatments.

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The Skin & Hair Speciality’s Centre

The Skin & Hair Speciality’s Centre

Our centre specializes in providing modern and advanced Skin & Hair treatments. From Hair Transplant treatments, Laser treatments, skin and hair therapies, our specialist showcase competent skills in delivering natural and standard results.

Our centre is fully fitted with modern equipment, a modern OPD, and full support from the qualified staff members. We manage and treat complex issues to deliver the best help

We have formulated protocols regarding different treatment approaches to fully understand your skin and hair problems and provide the best treatment possible